4 patients are saved by a pregnant dog as a fire breaks out in a building.

There are innumerable tales of humans running into oncoming flames to save pets from a raging fire, but there are also other heroes who bravely confront peril.

A stunning pregnant dog who put her life in danger to save four elderly people at a hospice institution is one of these heroes. Matilda didn’t think twice when the fire near St. Petersburg, Russia, started assisting the defenseless sufferers.

She repeatedly yelled loudly to warn the four individuals, who luckily managed to escape without incident, but poor Matilda wasn’t that lucky.

Firefighters were too preoccupied assisting the locals and putting out the fire to notice the brave dog. Instead, she was bound to a leash within the blazing building and had no escape route.

Everyone lost sight of the dog named Matilda who was on a leash during the commotion. According to SPB, “Motya, as she is lovingly known, could not escape the fire since she was seriously injured.

A news reporter displayed images of Matilda’s terrible wounds that she got while warning everyone else of the fire hours after the flames had subsided. Animal rights activists arrived quickly to save the puppy from danger.

Matilda was taken to a shelter and clinic by Alexander Tsinkevich and Elena Kalinina, where they learned that she was pregnant. The burns on her face, neck, and belly were very serious. All that was left of her fragile muzzle was burned skin.

Amazingly, a fertility expert inspected the dog and her pups and discovered that every one of them was alive and growing well. Volunteers are coming up to support Matilda and her infants despite the hospice owner’s inability to assist Matilda.