A Shelter Dog Loves To Curl Up With Its Collection Of Stuffed Animals

Joey, a 3-month-old Chihuahua, enjoys doing everything his adopted siblings do at the Vintage Pet Rescue Center. And, despite the fact that the dog lacks front legs, it likes racing in circles among the other animals.

Joey is a very happy child, and once he has spent all of his energy having fun, he finds for the most comfortable location in his house and goes comfortably asleep in the center of his stuffed animal collection. He enjoys resting, especially next to his Lamb Chop toy, which is the same size as him.

“Joey is one of the most content dogs we’ve ever met. He doesn’t know he’s different and loves to play with toys, fight with the other dogs, enjoy his splash pad and get pampered.”

“He’s still a puppy, so he plays hard before napping. Joey enjoys taking lengthy naps with his large stuffed animals… He is crazy about his toys!”

Joey was under the care of the CT Humane Society before being adopted by the rescue organization, which specialized in elderly pets and dogs with unique needs. Joey’s comfort and safety are important to the creator of Vintage Pet Rescue.

“Joey can climb stairs, sit on the sofa, and get almost everywhere he wants to go. It’s incredible to watch him move that nicely. Nothing can stop him.”

The lovely dog will be ready to find a new home after being sterilized and having his customised wheelchair ready and equipped thanks to Eddie’s Wheels for Pets. Kristen points out that, despite his unusual appearance, Joey’s upbeat demeanor is contagious, and he will undoubtedly find a loving home soon.