After being beaten by a drug addicted man repeatedly, the poor dog finally finds his safe and happy ‘corner’

Animals in the streets struggle every day with the hardships of life.

Many peopke do not realize that there are a lot of people who count stray animals to be pests and try to harm them.

It’s very painful, but it is true in many countries where there is no punishment for cruelty to animals.

A puppy who has never done anything to anyone has been beaten several times by a man who uses drugs. His injuries were so serious that his life was in danger.

When the dog, Leona, was found, she was lying completely helpless on the pavement. He had some balance problems, his ears was infected, and also severe leg injuries.

He was in such a bad condition that he could not even stand up and walk on his own. He was taken out, waiting for someone to save his life. Happily, that’s exactly what happened. The dog was taken to a veterinarian.

The doctor instantly realized that he needed prompt surgery to continue living. It was obvious, that Leona was in a lot of pain. When the doctor saw this, he immediately gave her painkillers. She was crying with tears . But, fortunately, everything changed for the better.

His operation went very well. It will now take some time for him to recover fully, but so far he is recovering very quickly.

He has a good caregiver who intends not to stop until he finds the perfect and warm home for this wonderful dog. Let’s pray for Leona. She deserves to live her life in love and care from now on.

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