Babies smile an react tо fооd inside the wоmb. The unique research

Newborns explore and learn their environment but turns out they do it not only after birth, but in their mom’s womb.

Scientists have done many experiments to see how babies react to certain things, but this one is unique, since they did the experiment with unborn baby.

The wanted to catch the expressions as their mothers ate various foods, and the results were hilarious and lovely.

The study included 100 pregnant women, and it was held in England. The aim of the study was to see the effects of different flavors of foods that the mothers ate during the pregnancy. Would they show different expressions to different food?

The study’s results were very interesting. It shows that babies are able to taste and smell food even before they are born.

The group of 100 women who participated in this, was divided into three groups.

First, 35 of were given kale, second 34 of the women were given carrot, and other 30 women were not given any specific capsules. (The food was in capsules worth 100 grams of each vegetable.)

They waited 20 minutes for the flavor to sink in. Then they were prepped for an ultrasound.

And the babies whose mothers ate kale showed babies with scowls across their faces. Contrariwise, the babies whose mothers ate carrots seemed to have big and beautiful smiles on their faces.

Researches tell that the muscle movements show the reaction to a bitter flavor.

Their expressions become more and more complex over time, and in different period of pregnancy they look clearer.

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