Baby monkey wins 24 million hearts in the first bath with adorable ‘hugs’

These monkeys are average-sized primates that prefer to live in tropical cliffs and caves. Langurs are a rare species that can be found in warm countries.

It’s no surprise that the birth of a child is such a joyous occasion.

When their langurs gave birth, the Zoo was overjoyed to share the good news. Baby Lucky’s proud parents were Miu-Mui and Chestnut. She was very small and precious. However, the zoo has discovered that Miu-Mui does not enjoy caring for its child.

They said it was normal, but it could have an impact on Lucky’s health. Vets rushed to their aid, transporting Lucky to the hospital for a bath.

They also fed her to ensure she got the nutrients she needed as a baby.

Lucky was gradually introduced to Miu-Mui by the veterinary staff in order for them to form a bond. They also introduced her to Chestnut gradually.

Many organizations established help centers for these animals.