Boy Raises £10k For Rescue Dogs By Spending 542 Nights In A Tent

Max Woosey, who raised £700,000 by spending two years sleeping in a tent,

served as an inspiration for Ashley, a resident of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, who began sleeping outside in March.The 13-year-old stated that he wanted to raise £30,000 for a Romanian dog rescue organization.Ashley reportedly “couldn’t imagine”

going back to his old bed to sleep.I’ve just been so accustomed to this, he added. I adore every aspect of it.Ashley opted to continue after sleeping outside for one night because she “found that it was incredibly pleasant,” according to him.A month later,

he began to generate money for charitable causes.The first week, it was -7C, but ever since I started sleeping outside, I’ve grown to love it, he added.Even if Bertie the dog is wiggling and I occasionally get slapped in the head by rain, I’m still going to work toward

reaching my target of £30,000 to construct a dog shelter.Ashley claimed that because his family had always fostered dogs and had previously saved one from Cyprus, he made the decision to raise money for the charity Paws2Rescue.“For the past seven years,

we have been dog fostering, and I have developed a tremendous amount of compassion for them since I adore them so much.“We have a Springer Spaniel named Bertie, an 18-year-old Jack Russell, and Lucia, a Segugio Italiano who we rescued from Cyprus while on vacation.”His

efforts have also motivated his pals, one of whom decided to spend a month sleeping outside after attending Ashley’s birthday celebration.

Although Ashley preferred sleeping outside, there were times when it was difficult.The experience has been both enjoyable and challenging at times.