Deaf and blind dog is happy to see his owner again after a year of separation

Dogs have been loyal “friends” for generations, winning a lot of love from us. Not only possessing the “virtue” of responsibility and emotional life, the bosses are strongly impressed by their absolute loyalty, once they receive the owner, they will wholeheartedly protect and love them.

For example, the dog Bitsy, who lost the ability to hear and see, is a good example. Five years ago, the kind girl Hayden Kristal gave birth to. Inherently in love with animals, the female owner could not bear to see the puppy live a life of drifting. Coming to a new home, Bitsy worries the family. Kristal’s father – Steve is very worried about the boy’s condition, the man is afraid of not taking good care of him, making his condition worse.

However, Bitsy has proven her fierce survival power. The loss of sight and hearing did not seem to affect his life. It coordinates very well with the owner’s arrangement, from eating and convalescence. Over time, Bitsy’s status gradually improved.

The boy who changed Steve’s perspective. Thought to be a weak dog, but in Bitsy there is audacity, sassy and adventurous. The baby has been traveling with the boss, traveling in all directions, hiking, sailing, experiencing subway trips and even skateboarding.

“Bitsy has absolutely amazed me. At first, everyone was worried because they didn’t know where his strength would go. But perhaps because of his positive personality, optimism and never giving in to fate that convinced them all. I appreciate it! A strong, cute boy!”

However, the happy family was not long together when they had to separate due to the outbreak of the disease. Bitsy and her mistress had to spend a long time away from their parents. A year is neither too short nor too long, but with an animal’s memory, it’s very difficult to measure. Moreover, the puppy is not full of senses. Steve worries Bisty will forget him.

Unexpectedly, the day they met again, Bisty once again proved her speciality. Somehow, as soon as he got home, he used his senses to rush back to Steve. The moment the boy excited, excitedly ran to the man. It seemed that at that time, everything was calm, only the happiness of the master and servant spread, making many people unable to hold back their tears.

After the clip was circulated online, it created a “wave” of comments. Although it was only a few seconds, it contained a huge amount of energy. Everyone was choked up and happy. They admired a dog so brave and resilient. In addition, many netizens thanked the honest hearts for giving Bisty a new life