Dolphins rescued a lost dog (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that dolphins are smart and love to help everyone.

Turbo, an 11-year-old Doberman puppy, escaped from his home on

Florida’s Marco Island. The little dog was in the water and was fighting for life and death. Fortunately, a dolphin passing by noticed the dog.

The dolphins approached the frightened dog and began nudging him with their noses. Fortunatel

there were people who were close to the water and noticed it. They saw the little dog struggling to swim in the water while dolphins surrounded him.

The dolphins decided to get the attention of the Marks so they could save the dog.

Seeing the commotion, the rescuers rushed to the scene and saved the dog. He was fine, just a little scared.

rescuers found the dog had been in the water for almost 15 hours, which is a long time unless you’re a sea creature. :

It was like a movie where the dolphins save the dog.Dolphins are amazing and incredible creatures.