Every day, a dog attends a Mass at the location of his owner’s funeral in the hope that she will come back

In the small town of St. Mary’s, there was a dog named Max who had lost his beloved owner, Sarah. Sarah had passed away suddenly and Max was heartbroken. He couldn’t understand why his best friend wasn’t coming back.

Every day, Max would wander down to the church where Sarah’s funeral had been held. He would sit outside the doors, waiting patiently for Sarah to come out. Max didn’t understand the concept of death and he believed that Sarah was just inside the church and would come out any moment.

People who attended the church often noticed Max sitting outside and would bring him food and water. They were touched by the loyalty and devotion that Max had for Sarah. Even the priest who had performed Sarah’s funeral was moved by Max’s devotion and started to leave the church doors open so that Max could attend the Mass.

Max was a regular visitor to the church now, and he would sit quietly in a pew at the back of the church. His presence didn’t disturb anyone, and he would often fall asleep during the service. The people in the church had come to accept Max’s presence, and some of them would even pet him as they left the church.

Max’s visits to the church continued for months, and he never missed a day. Even when it was raining or snowing, Max would be there waiting outside the church doors. The people in the church had grown to love Max and would often bring him treats and toys.

One day, a new family moved into the town, and they happened to attend the church. When they saw Max sitting quietly in the back, they were moved by his loyalty and devotion. They asked around and learned about Max’s story and how he had been waiting for Sarah to return.

The family decided to adopt Max and give him a new home. They knew that Sarah would have wanted Max to be loved and cared for, and they were more than happy to provide him with that.

Max was hesitant at first to leave the church, but the family promised to take him to visit Sarah’s grave every week. Max slowly started to adjust to his new home and his new family, but he never forgot Sarah. Even to this day, Max visits Sarah’s grave every week, and the family knows that Max will always remember his beloved owner.