Hero Army Dog Awarded Animal Version Of Victoria Cross For Saving Coսntless Lives!

You really are a star Bass! So delighted you are now living with your BF your ex-handler ❤️🐺
This dog did a miracle when he saved countless lives “du.ring the r.a.id against the Ta.li.ban”.

A Belgian Shepherd named Bass recently became the 75th animal to win a PDSA medal for his amazing performance. He sniffed 5 IED [bo.mb.s] in one r.a.id, which saved countless lives.

Heroic army dog Bass who saved countless lives by sniffing out five IED bombs during a raid against the Taliban has been awarded the animal version of the Victoria Cross

Bass is a military veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps for six years. Before retiring at the age of 10, he worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. This heroic dog ended his career, just before his retirement, with a very significant achievement. He was praised by the PDSA’s general manager himself, Jan McLoughlin, for his dedication to the work that brought him well.

Bass has an admirable track record of over 350 ex.plo.sives [ra.ids] in 46 missions. Bass deserves the PDSA’s, Dickin Medal. This award was created for animals – mainly dogs and pigeons – to which they made great contributions during the [w.a.r]. The person who nominated Bass for this award is Chris Willingham, a former dog trainer with the United States Marine Corps.

Bass, a Belgian Shepherd who served in the US Marine Corps, has become the 75th animal to win the PDSA’s Dickin Medal

Now Bass is 10 years old, equivalent to about 53 years old of human. He is retired and lives with Sergeant Alex Schnell, his former manager, in a cozy house in San Antonio, Texas.

It’s a pride that the Marines train great dogs like the hero Bass. They recognize the important role military dogs play and their amazing abilities. We desperately need hero dogs like Bass so that lives are more appreciated. This shows us that, no matter who you are, you can always be a hero!

Now aged 10 – about 53 in human years – Bass has retired and lives with his former handler, Staff Sergeant Alex Schnell (pictured), in San Antonio, Texas

Bass you are a wonderful dog and thank you for your service men and women!! Hero indeed!!
CONGRATULATIONS 🎊 well deserved thank you for your service stay safe god bless you amen 🙏🙏❤🙏

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