I instructed her to bring her infant, and she is complying with my request

It was a hot summer day, and the sun was beating down mercilessly on the pavement. The streets were bustling with people going about their daily business, and the air was thick with the scent of flowers and freshly baked bread.

I had an appointment with a young mother named Sarah, who had recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Sarah was eager to meet with me, as she had been struggling with postpartum depression and was looking for guidance and support.

As I waited for Sarah to arrive, I began to worry that she might not show up. I knew how difficult it could be for new mothers to leave their infants behind, even for a short time. But just as I was beginning to lose hope, I saw Sarah approaching, with her baby in her arms.

“I instructed her to bring her infant, and she is complying with my request,” I thought to myself.

Sarah looked exhausted, but determined. She greeted me with a small smile and apologized for being a few minutes late. She explained that her baby had been fussing all morning, and she had been worried about leaving him at home.

I reassured her that it was perfectly fine to bring her baby along, and we settled in for our session. As we talked, Sarah’s baby cooed and gurgled in her arms, occasionally interrupting us with his cries. But Sarah was unfazed, and she simply rocked him gently until he quieted down.