Please, my son, take me home on Holy Easter, I’ll sit in a corner, I won’t bother anyone, I can’t take it anymore…

Please, my son, take me home on Holy Easter, I will sit in a corner and be with you for a few days, I will not cause any problems for anyone, I will be treated better in my own house,

I can’t stand it anymore․ “Dad, you behave like a child, they take care of you here, provide you with food and medicine, but you: I want a house, I want a house. – I haven’t been home for a year,

I will feel better at home. – There are still a few days left before the holidays, I will take you, I will certainly take you, said the son. – Long live my son, I am proud of you, everyone’s children do not won’t behave like that.

When I get home, we will go to your mother’s grave, did you bring flowers to her grave, she was very fond of flowers. The son looked at his father for a moment and looked away. Then he said goodbye and left.

From then on, the father counted the hours, he kept telling the other patients that he would be going home soon. Back home, the son sat on the couch with a pensive face. He hesitated to tell his wife about it.

He looked at his wife and said, “I’ll take my dad home for the holidays”, and he looked at his wife with a pleading look.

t.uberculosis and can infect us. In addition, we will have many guests during this vacation. – But the doctor said that he was no longer a danger for people. – Do you believe the doctors, they do not understand anything? And their conversation was

finished. On the morning of Holy Easter, everyone went to church, then went home, there were a lot of guests, the guests gathered around the luxurious table ate, drank the toast of their parents, taught their

children to become good people. After leaving the guests, they began to set the table, tidy the apartment and went to bed tired. However, the son could not sleep, although he was very tired,

something bothered him. In the morning he decided to visit his father. It was eerily quiet in the hospital, with hardly anyone in the hallways. The nurse said many patients had gone home to

celebrate Easter with their families. The son lowered his head and began to climb the stairs to the eighth floor, where his father’s hospital room was, he approached the door, he thought how he was going to apologize, and suddenly he saw his father’s bed empty.

He quickly left and headed for the doctor’s office. He saw the doctor at the door, who said in a low voice. “We did our best, but unfortunately we couldn’t save him. He died of a heart attack