The dog lost half of its mouth just to protect the owner’s property

Just because he wanted to fulfill his duty of guarding his owner’s property, a dog in Cairo, Egypt was mercilessly slit his throat and turned into a domestic dog. disabled bad.

Like all dogs on duty, when a stranger approaches the property, the dog will of course bark, chasing them away. And just because of that, people who were chased by Anubis dogs cut off its nose, cutting off part of its upper snout. Anubis also fell out of favor and was quickly abandoned.

And for years, people have seen a dog with a horrible face, missing its upper jaw roaming Cairo, struggling wherever it could lay its back. In those same years, Anubis lost his barking, completely silent, no one heard the bark of the old black dog anymore.

Anubis may have lost his voice, but animal welfare organizations will regain his voice for the brave dog. The first must be the local Animal Protection Foundation, a Cairo-based organization dedicated to helping abandoned animals in the city. Then SNARR, an organization that benefits and helps animals reintegrate into life, also joined in demanding justice for Anubis.

Anubis had to crawl around the caves and alleys of Cairo because he was left unattended.” We asked for dozens of animals from them, then brought them to America, or they would suffer in the country. families where it is not possible to give them adequate care,” said Lauren Connelly, member of SNARR.

Not only SNARR but also many animal-loving volunteers have come to escort Anubis to his new home in the US. Since the poor dog arrived in this country, he has been cared for and protected all the way from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Olney, Maryland. There Anubis rested for about a week before stopping at Tennessee and continuing on to Fort Worth, Texas.

The dog is lucky to be helped and cared for by many kind people.

At each stop, Anubis is protected and cared for by people who take turns taking care of him. This is probably the journey to find the lost love of the brave dog who was mistreated by fate. On the last stop in El Paso, Texas, Anubis has officially found a new family for her.

In fact, the family in El Paso will be able to raise Anubis for six months. However, with what they show and the affection that Anubis has for them, there is a very high chance that our boy will be able to stay with his new parents. Not only new parents, Anubis also got to know another sister, also a blind dog brought home by the family.

After years of struggling through the caves and alleys of the streets, suffering with an unhealthy snout, fate finally smiled on Anubis. No longer the ugly dog ​​of hell, now just an adorable little boy rolling around on the sofa.