The dog, who had been abandoned by his previous owners, has become a K-9 police dog

After the divorce, they decided to take their dog to a shelter.

Here he is, a sweet pitbull named Halo brought to Rags 2Riches Animal Rescue Center.

He was 6 years old and stayed there for about a year, waiting for his new owners.

The dog was living with a foster family when Police Lieutenant Mickey Korran saw a picture of the lovely dog on social media.

He understood from the very beginning that he should take the dog to the police station. Everything went better than expected.

He says that as soon as he saw the photo of the dog, he said that it was the girl for them.

So, a few days later, a smiling dog named Halo was brought to the station and immediately sworn in as a senior police officer.

He became the 1st rescue K-9 in the history of that department. He seems to understand what a responsible job awaits him.

He will take on a very special role as a police officer, attending numerous meetings and events which will make people feel safer and secure.

Korran states that Halo’s status as a police officer is completely legal. He swore and put his paw on the Bible.

It’s obvious that the dog has found the most suitable place and status for himself. He is so excited and his calling is perfect for him. Share this with your family and friends.