The most unfortunate dog when constantly being rejected for adoption

Continuing to be rejected by her owner, Lana – the saddest dog in the world may face death next week, but after this information was spread on newspapers and social networks, she was lucky. lucky to escape from the hands of death.

Lana touched millions of dog lovers when her pitiful story was posted online. The Labrador was adopted as a baby, but she developed defense problems and bit her owner. Because the host family had a young child, Lana was returned to an animal care center.

When brought back to Toronto, Canada, Lana lived alone in a cage and always refused to be taken for walks. After Rescue Dogs Match shared its sad face, 4,000 adoption applications and 15,000 USD (about 345 million VND) were sent to Lana. The unlucky dog ​​finally found a second home in Ontario, Canada.

It seemed that happiness smiled at the poor dog, but a few months later, the new owner refused to adopt Lana, causing her to now face death on May 20 – after her birthday. third if her dog has no one to adopt.

Help the dog find a place to live or a home for life. Lana’s fate only lasts from here to May 20,” Rescue Dogs Match organization announced on social media.

Accordingly, Lana may be injected with euthanasia because there has been no adoptive owner for the past three years. There’s not enough room in the Lana care center to take her in.

Brenda Dobranski, founder of Rescue Dogs Match, said Lana is a fun dog but not easy to pet or play with. Brenda explains that just sitting in one place makes Lana feel suffocated, which in turn leads to unwanted behavior. “He likes to go out no matter what the weather is like that day. Lana likes to participate in all activities but not in cramped places,” she said.

According to Rescue Dogs Match, the ideal family to raise Lana could be a couple or people “with enough time, patience, determination and commitment to help her become more confident”.

“She is very loyal and close to those she trusts,” the organization said.

After Lana’s care team tried to help her and hope Lana soon finds the right owner to ensure this third family will also be her last, a shared foster home as well as a new home. A training program has been arranged for Lana to leave the center by May 20

We are happy to report that Lana has found a new foster home and training program,” Rescue Dogs Match writes on their website. “RDM would like to thank everyone for their interest and support and we will update you as soon as possible.”

The poor dog has been adopted by a common house and arranged for it to participate in a new training program.

It is still unknown who chose to adopt Lana, but the non-profit organization RDM has also corrected the previous information that May 20 will be the day Lana moves out of the center, not the day the poor dog is lost. lethal injection. The reason is because the organization previously wrote on its social networking site a rather urgent sentence that many people misunderstood: “May 14 is Lana’s birthday (it will be 3 years old). Please help her find a foster home or a permanent home. Lana only has until May 20th.”

However, now the good news has come to everyone, especially the “sadest dog in the world” Lana, and everyone hopes this will be the last time Lana is returned to the center and that this common house would make Lana feel like she belonged in one big loving family for the rest of her life.

Hopefully this will be the last time Lana is rejected and she will live the rest of her life in the love of her family.