The previous bait dog is feeling very low and unhappy, to the point where she cannot even raise her head

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Bella. Bella had a rough start to life as she was used as a bait dog in dogfighting rings. She was forced to fight other dogs and was severely injured multiple times.

Eventually, Bella was rescued by an animal shelter and was given a new home with a loving family.

Despite the love and care she received from her new family, Bella struggled to let go of her traumatic past. She had nightmares and was constantly afraid of other dogs. Her family tried everything they could to help her overcome her fears, but nothing seemed to work.

As time went on, Bella’s health started to decline. She lost interest in food and would spend most of her time lying in her bed. Her family was very worried and took her to the vet, but they couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her.

One day, Bella’s family noticed that she couldn’t even raise her head. They knew something was seriously wrong and rushed her to the vet. After some tests, the vet confirmed that Bella was suffering from severe depression and anxiety caused by her traumatic past.

Bella’s family was heartbroken. They had no idea how much pain she was in and felt guilty for not being able to help her more. They knew they had to do something to make things better for Bella.

So, they started taking Bella to therapy sessions with an animal behaviorist. They also started introducing her to other dogs in a controlled and safe environment. Slowly but surely, Bella started to make progress. She started eating again and even began playing with other dogs.

Eventually, Bella was able to overcome her fears and live a happy life with her loving family. It took time, patience, and lots of love, but they were able to give her the life she deserved.