The statement can be rephrased as “Escape Dog revisits shelter on 11 occasions before it was realized that he was attempting to communicate something.”

Once a happy-go-lucky dog, Escape had found himself confined to the shelter after his previous owners gave him up.

The shelter, though a haven for many animals, was a dreary place for Escape. The constant barking and howling of his fellow canines, the stale air, and the stark concrete walls were all too much for the dog.

Escape had always been a clever dog, and he quickly discovered a way to escape his confines. He found a weak spot in the fence and wriggled his way out. Once free, he would run as fast as he could, taking in all the sights and smells of the outside world. He was happy to be free, even if only for a short while.

But every time Escape returned to the shelter, no one seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary. No one noticed that he had escaped, and no one seemed to care that he had returned. It was as if he was just another stray dog in a sea of stray dogs.

Escape was undeterred. He continued to escape, and each time he returned, he tried harder to get someone’s attention. He would bark loudly, paw at the gate, and even jump up to the window of the shelter office, hoping someone would notice him.

But it wasn’t until the eleventh time that someone finally took notice of Escape’s unusual behavior. One of the shelter workers was sitting at her desk when she saw Escape jump up to the window. She looked out and saw the dog staring straight at her. She could see the intelligence in his eyes and the desperation in his movements.

It was then that the worker realized that Escape was not just a dog trying to escape the shelter. He was trying to communicate something. She immediately notified her colleagues, and they started to observe Escape more closely.

Over time, they noticed that Escape always returned to the shelter at the same time each day. They also noticed that he would stare intently at the office window and bark loudly. It soon became clear that Escape was trying to communicate that he wanted a home, a family to call his own.

Thanks to Escape’s persistence and intelligence, he was finally able to get his message across. A kind family saw his picture on the shelter’s website and fell in love with him. They adopted him and gave him the loving home he had been longing for.

Escape may have revisited the shelter eleven times, but it was his determination and intelligence that ultimately led him to his happy ending