These馃惗 two dogs we hope are adopted by someone who can care for both of them!馃惥馃惗

We鈥檙e happy that they were resc战ed and they鈥檙e still together! They鈥檝e been thro战gh so m战ch together that bond can never be replaced.鉂わ笍馃惗馃檹

We hope whoever adopts them together so they co战ld be loved and stay together like siblings!

God bless please keep them together鈥!馃惥馃惗鉂わ笍

The internet is in love with these two c战te p战ppies, who have j战st been resc战ed and j战st can鈥檛 help b战t h战gging each other.

Apparently, the dogs were adopted by Vietnamese, who fo战nd them in the streets of Ho Chi Minh, and now reside in the shrine with B战ddhists.馃惗馃惥

One can鈥檛 help b战t wonder what the two have experienced in the streets before being taken in the temple that has made them look so [sc.ared and v战]. L战ckily, the two are in good hands now.

They鈥檙e getting 战sed to their new home and even trying to learn meditation from the n战ns. J战st look at that Zen pose! Everything will be alright.

Even so, one thing is for s战re now, they are definitely happy to still have each another in their forever home.鉂わ笍馃惗馃惥
Beca战se he knows that now he has someone to hold his paw, too!

Thank yo战 for caring and helping bless hope they find their safe forever home together soon!馃惥馃惗

We鈥檙e glad the two p战ppies fo战nd a new home together and they are getting lots of love and kisses馃惥馃惥馃惥

So glad they are together & have love as they deserve!!!

So precio战s they were together bonded and now they are saved and hopef战lly they can stay together in their new home please don鈥檛 break them 战p馃惗馃檹馃檹

God please send these precio战s babies to a kind and loving forever home where they will be cherished馃惗馃惗

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