This single father works four jobs to support his family

The single father worked hours and days to feed his family. He selflessly sacrificed for the sake of his children and did everything for them.

One day he received a pleasant surprise, from which he shed a tear. The love of fathers for their children is boundless. Parental love is the devotion of a mother to her children.

But we often forget about the constant parental love for children, which becomes stronger over time. As we know, not all heroes wear capes.

For many children, their fathers are the first heroes, they want to be like them, because the qualities and love of fathers are unparalleled.

Today’s story is about Harley Harlington. He was a former Marine, a single father survivor. But this is not the only quality he has owned for over 70 years.

Outwardly, he looks cool, he is a man who always hid his feelings that tormented him. He has always been a loving father and has always given his children constant love and attention.

He always calmly endured all the pains and hardships without a single help.

One day in 2016, a stranger knocked on her door and gave her an amazing surprise: Monica Jackson from the FOX5 Surprise Squad show and Harlington’s granddaughter gave him a big surprise!

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