Tiny ginger kitten was picked up in the forest, 2 years have passed, and you will not recognize him

A tiny red-haired kitten was found on the street. She was completely alone, there was no one nearby, not even her mother. Kind people were able to shelter this kitten and shared the touching story.

The small treasure was found in the forest. This kitten was only 3-4 weeks old, she survived just surprisingly. The baby was brought home and it was decided to take her to the vet.

She turned out to be completely healthy. Receiving vitamins and essential medications she was sent home.

The cat was named Lisa. This baby immediately conquered her new owners. Just look into those lovely eyes! The owners assume that the kitten was thrown away by humans.

After all, there was not even a stray cat or other kittens in the vicinity. People managed to save Lisa, and now she is definitely happy.

Lisa is a real family member and no one regrets that they took her home.

Now Lisa celebrates two years of her life. This is an adult and beautiful cat, with its own character and such loving owners. The family admits that everywhere is nowhere without Lisa, she made them happy.

Pets really become a part of the family, they are always waiting at home, they are loved, children are inseparable with them, and adults know that there is always someone to talk to.

In general, this is the same happiness as children. Do you agree?