Despite the sickly pup not being desired by anyone to form an attachment with, she chose to remain by his side

Once upon a time, there was a little sickly pup that nobody wanted to be around. He was thin and weak, and his fur was matted and unkempt. Every time someone came to look at the puppies, they would always pass him by, choosing the more lively and healthy ones.

But there was one little girl who didn’t seem to care about the pup’s sickly appearance. She would visit the pet store every day and spend hours sitting by his cage, talking to him softly and petting him gently. She seemed to have formed a strong attachment to the little pup, despite everyone else’s reluctance to do so.

The pet store owner noticed the little girl’s affection for the sickly pup and decided to give her a chance to adopt him. The little girl was overjoyed, and she named him Lucky. She took him home and nursed him back to health, spending hours every day feeding him special food and administering his medication.

Despite Lucky’s previous ill health, he quickly grew stronger and more lively under the little girl’s care. He would wag his tail and jump up to greet her every time she came home from school, and he would snuggle up next to her on the couch while she did her homework.

The little girl and Lucky were inseparable, and they formed a bond that was stronger than anyone could have ever imagined. Lucky had finally found his forever home, and the little girl had found a loyal and loving companion that would always be by her side.

From that day on, the little girl and Lucky were the happiest they had ever been. Lucky had found a new lease on life, and the little girl had found a best friend that would always love her, no matter what. And despite the fact that nobody else had wanted to form an attachment with the sickly pup, the little girl had chosen to remain by his side, and they were both all the better for it.